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Gallery of  Past Bicolor Persian Kittens

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These kittens are no longer available.


07-14-14, Testimonial from Anne of Chicago:   "I recently had the good fortune of discovering KingdomKatz online.  Based on the level of detail outlined on the website, as well as the many excellent, professional photographs of the available kittens and previous champions, I knew this was a high-quality cattery.  Upon inquiring about a particular kitten, my impression was confirmed by my correspondence with Allyson Paruzynski, the breeder responsible for these outstanding felines.

  Allyson takes time to screen potential owners with a series of questions, and within several days, we agreed upon the purchase of a precious McTabby and While bicolor Persian kitten.  I live in the Chicago area and was able to drive to pick up the kitten and meet Allyson in person.  My respect for Allyson continued to increase as I was introduced to two of her kittens. They were absolutely beautiful and immaculately groomed.  In all our interactions, Allyson was extremely professional, knowledgeable and utterly meticulous. However, it was after I spent several days with my new kitten that I truly admired Allysonís work.  My kitten is not only physically gorgeous, he is curious, affectionate, sweet and highly-intelligent.  The price I paid for him is worth every cent as I have an animal with an incredible temperament that is a true and loving companion. 

  As a professional who works each day, I learned quickly that leaving my new kitten at home by himself was going to be tough on us both.  Within several days of living with him, I called Allyson and asked if the second, pure White Persian kitten were still available, and the next week-end, I returned to Rockford to bring home my second KingdomKatz kitten. I am so happy with my decision.  I now have two marvelous kittens to enjoy and enhance my life.  They each have their own, unique personalities and each one is a pure joy. I have extremely high standards in both my personal and professional lives.  Working with Allyson Paruzynski and KingdomKatz exceeded my expectations in every way.  I whole-heartedly recommend her." Anne D. of Chicago, new mom to Sean & Kai  More photos of Sean




10-01-14, Testimonial from Roy of San Diego: In March 2014 my wife and I had one of our two cats of fifteen years escape the safety of our home and be taken by a coyote. Within a couple months the other cat passed on from old age. The spring of 2014 was a difficult time for us. In May 2014 we happen to be on the internet looking for a Persian cat breeder and came across the website for Kingdom-Katz. What caught my attention was that the site was designed well and referenced Allyson and her family being of Christian faith. Given our family background and time of grief, I called Allyson to discuss her services. Allyson was kind enough to spend over an hour talking with my wife and I. What impressed me, during the conversation, was her empathy and professionalism. Obviously, my wife and I feel we made fast friends with Allyson and her family.

During our initial phone conversation, Allyson described how she and her family socialize the kittens from birth to adoption. I will say every word she shared with me was the truth. We adopted our amazing kittens over the next few months and the process of adoption was easy and rewarding. Living in San Diego , California , we arranged for Allyson to fly the kittens to their new home.

  Now that the kittens have been in our home for a number of months, my wife and I have grown to appreciate Allyson's process of socializing the little guys. The kittens exhibit love constantly and are very playful. Allyson's children obviously spent alot of time playing with the kittens, while in their home, given the kittens display games only children could teach them including how to "high Five" with their paws.

  I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone Allyson and Kingdom-Katz for adoption of Persian and Himalayan kittens.

  Roy and Lyn Meenes , San Diego , California more photos of Perfect Storm



05-21-12, Testimonial from Kathi of Florida: Hi Allyson, Hope you and yours are well! Today is Mimi's birthday, 2yrs. old. Just wanted to let you know she is so much more than I ever could have asked for. She is absolutely perfect in every way. Mimi never does anything wrong-EVER. She is very out going, so intelligent to say the least-over and above. VERY VERY verbal! Excellent temperament, never a dirty look. Honestly we've never seen even one towards anyone or my male cat who adores her, they get along splendidly. She is a BEAUTIFUL soft little princess although she is at this point in life the ultimate huntress. Makes my male look pretty bad at times, HA! She still continues to come get me countless times a day to take her out so we can go out back "hunting". Don't make the mistake of saying that word and not following through!!! This gorgeous looking cat with her coat seems out of place hunting side by side but yet fits right in.
She is my faithful alarm clock. 6:58-7:06 a.m. every morning, walks up my leg over my chest onto the pillow says a few words then starts licking my forehead, eyebrows and shakes my hair, she's so cute and sweet there's no getting mad at her. She actually wakes me up laughing most every morning. Dad loves her and all the friends still make over her like crazy.
Mimi had a male and female bird dive bomb her this evening. There was a baby bird in one of the bushes on the ground to young to fly. She's been scouting the 4 1/2 foot tree they made they're nest in for 3 weeks now not allowed to get close. Today the babies have jumped out of the nest. I've had her stay away from the nesting tree for obvious reasons and she hasn't fought me once about letting her have the "birdies". We walked up on them unaware they were out of the nest with one about a foot away, she looked at it and was going to get that little guy and with no yelling one simple "no birdie" she looked at me wanting him but she followed me away from all the parents commotion. Easy pickins they are for her but she does as she's asked no matter what.  Mimi aims to please. ALWAYS.
Now if I wasn't in the back yard with her when she came upon those birdies...
Mimi is of normal size, huge coat factor which is smokey black and very brownish (chocolate like) in the winter months. She weights in at 8.4 and is no where near a fatty, very fit. Mimi is still a very messy eater-food and water stays real clean otherwise. She's picky about what she eats, she likes Acana Grasslands hard food, yogurt, peanut butter and mostly the preserves that's pretty much it, she'll mostly sneeze at anything else offered.

Couldn't ask for a better girl at our daily grooming session, she NEVER complains.
Mimi matured so far into a well rounded cat with a whole bunch of kitten in there still. She plays so well with everyone and has no problem finding her own entertainment and still loves to show off! She is always where the fun is--still in the middle!!! She's a very happy girl.
It's been a pleasure having a kitten/cat of such quality. When ever I look at her I'm still fascinated by her beauty and thank god she's with me and as always Allyson I thank you so much for Mimi. We are truly blessed with her, Kathi 
More photos of Mimi

UPDATE: 08-06-10, from Barbara of Illinois:  



08-06-10, UPDATE  from Barb of Illinois: Good morning Allyson, Our girl is so happy, and so loving.  She lays on my tummy, and then rolls over to her side to have me love up her belly and toes!!  We have a routine for sure.  She really loves the screen porch and to watch all the birds in the fountain.  She melts your heart Allyson,...I just can't tell you...

That you made that happen for me is so beyond what I can express to you.

She knows her name and comes running all the time when we call her.  She follows me around and loves to play on the bed...or anywhere!!!!   We are happy and all in love!!! Take good care.. Barbara

06-27-10, Testimonial from Barb Y of Illinois: Good morning Allyson! There just aren't words to describe this little luscious darling!  She is the sweetest little girl Allyson.  Everyone at the Vet was in awe of her.  The Vet trip was fine. Our Dr. said she was beautiful.  No one has ever felt hair the consistency of hers!  It is like air Allyson! I sent the receipt to you too, so you should have it by Tues. She is learning more every day, and seems to enjoy each new room she gets to see! I will be in touch, and thank you again, always and forever, for letting this precious angle be ours. Barbara

More photos of Elphaba