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Our Royal Queens

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CFA  KingdomKatz Sibella

Sire: CFA GC Whisperwood Shine On!

Dam: CFA CH KingdomKatz Aida

Brown Patched Tabby


I'm still a youngster here at KingdomKatz! Look at all my pretty pictures HERE










CFA Champion KingdomKatz Princess Amneris


Sire: CFA GC Angi-La's Royal Flush

Dam: CFA CH KingdomKatz Mi Lady Trinity

Seal Point Female













CFA Champion KingdomKatz Aida

Sire: CFA CH KingdomKatz By Intelligent Design

Dam: CFA KingdomKatz Serenity

Solid Chocolate Female









KingdomKatz Ha-Nesikhah Anastasyah


Brown Patched Tabby & White Female



To See Her Kitten Videos:---->>     (Click on link)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUuuxg9WxC8


Photo Coming Soon












....Foundation Females....

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....Our First Homegrown Grand Champion!....








(photo by Preston Smith)


Grand Champion KingdomKatz MiLady Chocolate Drop



Sire: CFA KingdomKatz Lord Malachi

Dam: CFA Champion Foxy SugarPlum! of KingdomKatz

Solid Chocolate Female


Congratulations Chocolate Drop!!

2.5 Show Grand!

CFA's BEST Chocolate Persian in the Nation!

& CFA Midwest Region's BEST Chocolate Persian,

Atlantic Himalayan Club's 6th BEST CPC in the Nation,

2006-2007 show season




Click here to see:


-->More Preston Smith Photos of Chocolate Drop



-->More Show and Baby Photos of Chocolate Drop


















Grand Pointed KingdomKatz MiLady Trinity

Grand Pointed (145 pts)

Sire: CFA Uno Belgatto Scottish Thistle

Dam: CFA CH Ashmar's Madalyn of KingdomKatz

Solid Black Female


Congratulations Trinity!!

CFA Midwest Region's BEST Black Persian,

Atlantic Himalayan Club's 5th BEST CPC in the Nation

--> More photos of Trinity





>>>>>Click Here to See more of our Past Foundational Cats<<<<<




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