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A Few of our Past Seal Lynx Point Kittens

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These kittens are no longer available.

Additional photos of Lolly


"I just wanted to let you know that we made it home safe and the little boy is just fine! He did very well in the car and slept in my arms most of the way while purring! I got him situated in my room and have his litter box, food and water in the bathroom and he has already gone to the bathroom and ate a little something. Overall he is doing wonderful and I am just LOVING every minute of having him!! I have played with him quite a bit and I think he is a little 'pooped' out now so I am sure that he will take a little nap here shortly! He is always right by me and so warm and cuddly! Just LOVE it!!! You truly are an amazing woman in all kinds of ways and I wouldn't have wanted to have got my precious kitten from anyone else! I am, also, so thankful that God brought us together as well! He definitely knew what he was doing...he always does! Take care and have a wonderful weekend, Allyson!" Brooke S. of Wisconsin - new mom of Prince Charles  More Photos of Charlie



It was a real pleasure to meet you today and to see the love and care that Caleb and Cathryn have received.  They are already exploring the bathroom and are busy chasing each other.  I can tell that Caleb will be the little mischief maker.  He unrolled the toilet paper and then knocked over the water dish.  He is full of energy.  Cathryn watches him and then joins right in.  He looks like he will be the leader, and she will be the follower.  :)  The kittens did great on the car ride home.  They finally dozed off after we had been on the road for an hour. Take care, and I will keep in touch.  Caleb and Cathryn are precious!  Thank you for everything." Barb S - new mom of Caleb More photos of Caleb

We just got home now.  Evie is so beautiful!  And Sweet!  You can tell you love them so much and take such good care of them.  When the personnel at the airport brought out the crate, Evie looked right at me with her big blue eyes, so calm.  Not nervous at all.  The woman asked if I wanted to open the crate to take a look at her and of course, I said yes!  Evie walked right out looking for love and attention.  Pranced around the crate like she owed the place!  Beautiful.  I am so pleased with her.   Thank you again Allyson.  She is so gorgeous and lovable.  I canít wait for your next litter!  You are a loving breeder and you should be very proud. PS:  The Customs officers thought Evie was just so beautiful too!  They were quite smitten by her." Gail from New Brunswick, Canada More photos of Evelyn

Update - May 27, 2010 - "Hi Allyson,   She is just the sweetest!  Every morning before I get up, Evie will get on the bed with me and just flop herself.  She will lay next to me and let me give her some morning loviní, while she purrs her little heart out and kneads (or make biscuits, as I call it).  She is just so much joy for me.  Thank you! Timone is enjoying her.  Evie will follow her around in hopes that she will play, but Timone is not interested.  She watches Evie and in some ways, I think Timone is keeping a watchful eye over her.  I look forward to hearing that you have another litter with a chocolate point, hopefully.  Dwaine and I just grin when we think of having two little himmyís.  Your kitties are so beautiful and so sweet.  What a wonderful temperament Evie has.  I am so pleased that I found you Allyson.Gail from New Brunswick, Canada