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A Few of our Past Blue and Lilac Point Kittens

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These kittens are no longer available.

Blue Points


"Hi Allyson. Cody is absolutely adorable, very mellow, and his personality is just as sweet as Nikki's.   I've been teaching him tricks now and he is so eager to learn. You could just eat him up he's so cute. His adjustment has been out of this world.  He is not the least bit shy and loves to play all the time.  He loves his grooming session already and will sit by my feet while I'm grooming Nikki waiting his turn. I've been taking pictures and will send you a photo show soon.   He is using his litter box, eating and drinking just fine.  I've been letting Nikki and Cody play together while I'm with them and they play really good.  They both love chasing balls.  Their so cute to watch.  They both run around and roll over on their backs and show their bellies which I think is a real good sign that they except one another. We went to the vet on Monday for Cody's first check-up and he did great.  Again I cannot thank you enough for entrusting me with your beautiful little furr babies. They are such a joy to nurture, love and watch them grow into even more beautiful cats. Love, Karen" - mom of Ralph Lauren(a.k.a Cody) and Valencia(a.k.a. Nikki)

Update 01-19-10: Everybody doing great.  Nikki and Cody just two very special angels.  Nikki loves to talk, fetch milk rings and paper balls and roll on are back to show you her belly.  If you look at her face the very darkest part looks like an upside down heart, she is a real sweetheart.  Cody is awesome there is no other way to
describe him and he has a personality to match.   He loves to play and do tricks.  I've been training them for some time now.  They both on command will speak, sit-up, give paw, roll all the way over and sit back up. It's something to see and they love to do it. We have a lot of fun with them and when we are home they are with us all the time. We think of you often and hope all is well with you and your family. Are you going to be doing any shows near by?  If so let us know where. Take Care, Bert & Karen"
- mom and dad of Ralph Lauren(a.k.a Cody) and Valencia(a.k.a. Nikki)

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"Just a note to let you know Kris Kringle is a joy to have as part of the family. 

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Lilac Points